Body Mass Index – does it need changing?

How much we weigh and whether or not we are over or underweight is an important issue for many fertility patients. NHS treatment is often confined to those who fall within the “acceptable” range and are not considered to be obese or underweight as it is known that  this can affect fertility.  However, the ways in which we judge what constitutes obesity or low weight have often come in for some criticism.

The BMI formula which uses your height and bodyweight to work out your position on a weight scale has now been challenged by an Oxford Professor who feels it is flawed and has devised a new formula.  You can find more details here and can assess your weight using his revised working.

Having always fallen into the normal weight category using BMI, I wasn’t delighted to discover that I’m on the cusp of being overweight using this new scale, but apparently the main change in this new proposal is that many short people (like me!) who had a normal BMI will become overweight and many tall people who were obese or overweight will now fall into the normal category.

Perhaps it just goes to show that weight isn’t quite as cut and dried a matter as we tend to believe!


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