Could parasites help you get pregnant?

Toxocara_(roundworm)_(15703615095)It sounds horrible – a parasitic worm that lives in your intestines… But researchers at the University of California in Santa Barbara believe that it could have a positive impact on female fertility, and they’ve just published a scientific paper in the journal Science to back up their theory.

Apparently, the theory was first given credit when a graduate student at the University who was doing fieldwork in Bolivia got pregnant as soon as she decided to start a baby and cited the parasites as the reason for her fertility.  Researchers studied a group living in Central Bolivia and found that the worms did have an effect. Younger women who had roundworm got pregnant more quickly, whilst those who had hookworm took longer to get pregnant.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to get parasitic roundworm deliberately, and it does sound rather crazy – but if you’re interested, you can read more here¬†