Testing early…

There have been a few questions on fertility forums recently about doing early pregnancy tests during the two week wait – with people asking whether it’s OK to test after a week and discussing which is the best test to use if you want to do it earlier.

I know how tempting it can be – and how long the two week wait can seem – but it really is worth waiting to do the test at the proper time. The problem with testing early is that even if you are pregnant, you are quite likely to get a negative result as you won’t have sufficient levels of pregnancy hormone in your body to show up in the test.

I was desperate to know with my last cycle of IVF and decided to test just one day early, thinking that if I was pregnant, it would surely show by this time. In fact, I couldn’t work out if the test result was positive or negative. There was something in the second window of the testing kit, but it wasn’t the clear blue line illustrated on the pack as a positive result, rather a very faint light shadow instead. I spent hours peering at it trying to work out if it really was a line or not, and then felt even more anxious and worried for the rest of the day. I did another test the next morning, at the right time, and then the result was clearly positive.

So, the moral is – don’t test early! It is hard, but do wait until you can get a proper result by testing at the right time.