Men have fertility problems too…

It may have seemed a bit of an outdated idea that men would be unable to talk about anything personal or potentially distressing, but a new survey released by Nuffield Health in partnership with Infertility Network UK shows that fertility is certainly still a taboo subject for most men. Sadly, more than half of all the men who responded did not feel able to discuss fertility concerns with their partners, and just under half said that they would not be open to discussing their fertility with their GP either,

More than 2000 men from around the country were questioned for the survey, which also revealed that many were unaware of how lifestyle choices could affect fertility.  Less than half were aware that being overweight or obese could have an impact, and half didn’t know that age played a role. Only 64% of the men surveyed were aware of the effect of alcohol and smoking on fertility, and 55% did not know that sexually-transmitted infections could have an impact.

Around a third of the men surveyed had experienced fertility problems, and of those the majority said it had a negative impact on their relationship with their partners. One in three said it had a negative influence on their work life, and 40% felt it had had an adverse effect on their mental health.

The survey showed that many men feel that they do not get as much support and information as they would like about fertility issues, and it is evident that they don’t always feel comfortable seeking help. It’s time to get across the message that fertility isn’t a women’s issue and that men need advice and support dealing with it too.

Are you doing something for National Fertility Awareness Week?

200It starts next week – and there’s still plenty of time to get involved. You can opt for the 5k challenge like me – Infertility Network UK have teamed up with Nuffield Health and they have invited anyone wanting to complete their challenge indoors to come along and use one of their gyms. Free one day membership is available to everyone wanting to participate, just go to their website and sign up for a free day pass –

What about joining the Cake Bake – you could get together with friends, family or colleagues and bake and share a cake or two together? Or perhaps you could help raise awareness through social media?

Why not have a look at the National Fertility Awareness Week website, and see all the ways that you can join in.