Does your weight affect your fertility?

120px-ZAYİFLAMA-İP-UCLARİWe are forever being told that weight affects fertility, but what isn’t always clear is quite how overweight or underweight you have to be for this to start having an impact. If you’re going to have IVF treatment, the cut off point for over weight is often a BMI of 30 and over – but if all you know is how much you weigh, that’s not a lot of help.  If you want to find out your BMI yourself, it’s actually not difficult as you can use an online BMI calculator like this one

It is evident that maintaining a healthy weight can make a difference, and that applies to being very underweight as well as overweight as at either end of the scale, there can be an impact on ovulation, or egg production. One of the difficulties of keeping to a healthy weight is that eating can be so tied up with emotions for some of us – and if you are feeling miserable about not getting pregnant, it can become a vicious circle of comfort eating to try to console yourself. Having some chocolate or a glass of wine now and again is fine, but it’s when you find yourself eating too much on a regular basis because you are feeling unhappy that it becomes an issue.

If this is how you feel, it’s always a good idea to try to get some support. Don’t feel embarrassed about talking to your doctor about this as they can help – see here.  Eating well can make you feel better altogether, and can ensure your body is ready for conception. You may also be surprised at the impact it can have on your overall sense of well-being so do get help if you need it.