Article on dealing with fertility problems

There’s a really excellent Comment piece in the Guardian this week which I would recommend to everyone to read – and to give to read to people who tell you that fertility problems are a “lifestyle choice” which don’t need NHS treatment because they aren’t going to kill you. It’s written from the heart and I am sure it will resonate with many of you – see here

It’s that time of year again

images-1When you’re trying to get pregnant, you can start to feel like Scrooge as Christmas approaches; there are the endless adverts with glowingly happy families every time you switch on the TV, the jam packed shopping streets, the decorated trees and father Christmas figures everywhere. It can all seem like a particularly sharp reminder of what you don’t have – and of course, underneath the layers of commercialism, Christmas is meant to be the celebration of a very special birth.

You will find lots of advice on how to cope at Christmas, but I think perhaps the most important thing to do is to accept that it’s not a time of year when coping is easy – and to ensure that you do all that you can to look after yourself. If you want to escape the whole thing, that doesn’t mean you’re turning into some unpleasant Dickens character, it means you’re being realistic about what you can and can’t cope with.

There is no obligation to go along to traditional family Christmas events just because it’s what you always do if you think they are going to upset you. It’s fine to decide that actually you’d like to celebrate in your own way and do something completely different whether that’s a Christmas holiday in the Bahamas (yes, I wish too…), a trip out to the countryside, pizza for two at home for Christmas lunch or an all-day long scrabble contest. ┬áIt really is up to you what you want to do, and you don’t need anyone’s blessing to decide that you’re going to branch out on your own and do something completely different, something that will make you happy and that you will enjoy – be brave – and have fun!