Could you help with a research project aimed at improving IVF success?

images-21Another day, another survey – but this one is to help researchers who are keen to find out more about why success rates following IVF treatment aren’t higher. Embryo quality plays a role here, and when treatment doesn’t work it can be down to abnormalities in the chromosomes which carry genetic information and this can result in miscarriage.

Some fertility specialists believe that testing the embryos by removing few cells and analysing them (a process known as preimplantation genetic screening or PGS) to make sure they don’t carry any of these abnormalities could lead to higher IVF success rates – but more research is needed to show whether this will work.

The researchers would be very grateful if you could fill in a very short survey to help them with their project, and pass on their thanks in advance to anyone who helps them!  You can find a link here 


Melatonin for your eggs?

eggIt’s most often heard of as something to help with jet lag, but new research suggests that melatonin may have an impact on egg and embryo quality in older women – although before you rush off to ask your doctor for melatonin supplements, be aware that it didn’t appear to have an impact on pregnancy rates.

The study found that women taking it seemed to have more mature eggs, a higher fertilisation rate and more top quality embryos. You can read more about the study here