Nutrition talk at London fertility group

637px-Cornucopia_of_fruit_and_vegetables_wedding_banquet_(cropped)If you are in or near London, you may be interested in a talk on nutrition at the Infertility Network UK Central London group on July 7 at 6pm. This will be specifically focused on healthy eating and diet for fertility. The evening is open to everyone and is completely free of charge as are all Infertility Network UK groups.

There will be time to listen, to ask any questions you may have about healthy eating and diet, and then to get together with others who are experiencing fertility problems.

If you’d like to attend, email who will send you more details.

Want to know more about adopting after fertility problems?

If you’re interested in finding out more about adopting after fertility problems and live in or near London, you may want to come along to the next meeting of the Central London fertility group in Vauxhall on February 4th. We’ll be joined by a speaker from First 4 Adoption who will be giving a short talk about adoption and will then be around to answer any questions you may have. We will have time for our regular catch up and chat too.

This is open to everyone and is completely free – if you’d like more details, email

The group is run, funded and organised by the charity Infertility Network UK.

Could a fertility group help you?

images-2I’m off to run the Central London get-together for Infertility Network UK tonight (and it’s not too late to come along – you can just email me at for details if you’d like to join us), and it made me think about how helpful it can be to meet up with others who really understand what you are going through and to share experiences.

We tend to call the meetings “support groups” which I think is slightly off-putting, and conjures up images of a rather depressing event. In fact, our groups are far from depressing, and there’s usually far more laughter than tears. It is always rewarding to see people leaving some of their anxieties behind after a meeting and gaining emotional strength from being together.

How fertility support groups can help

I wrote an article recently for Fertility Road magazine about this subject, looking at how groups can be beneficial.  So often in our groups, people end up taking email addresses and keeping in touch with one another in between meetings. They build up a network or real friends rather than online ones who are there for them during the ups and downs, and that is invaluable. It really can help you to get through the emotional ups and downs of tests and treatment more smoothly.

Infertility Network UK’s groups meet across the country and are free of charge – you can find details here – there’s nothing to lose by giving one a try!


Fertility group reminder

Just a quick reminder that there are a number of new fertility groups running in London and the South East now, in addition to the existing groups across the UK.

The new Central London group is meeting on April 2, the Kent group is meeting on April 12, the Croydon group meets on April 15, and on that same night there’s group at  in Epsom meeting at Newlife clinic, there’s a meeting at Bourn Colchester on April 16, the new North London group is meeting on April 25 and there’s a meeting in Southampton at Complete Fertility on April 27 – so a range of get-togethers for everyone across London and the South East.

Don’t forget, Infertility Network UK also runs groups right across the UK from Scotland and Northern Ireland to the Channel Isles – you can check out your local groups on the Infertility Network UK website.