New advice to women of 44 and over doing IVF

eggFor women who are going into IVF in their mid-forties, the chances of success are not good and now new research from  Dr Marta Devesa from Barcelona has led her to suggest that women who are 44 and over should be advised against trying IVF with their own eggs.

What does the research conclude when it comes to IVF  for older women ?

Her study, which has taken 12 years to complete, looks at birth rates following IVF at her clinic and shows that the cumulative rate for women aged 44 and over using their own eggs is just 1.3%. The success rates for women using donor eggs do not decline with age in the same way – leading to the conclusion that it is the age and quality of the egg which is the key factor rather than the age of the woman herself.

Dr Devesa explained that the most likely biological reason for a decline in live birth with female age was chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo.

You can read more about her research and her findings here 

Fertility fair in Spain

logo internationalIf you’re based in Spain and want to know more about your options for fertility treatment, you may be interested in inviTRA, the fertility fair which is taking place in Barcelona In May.

There will be speakers on a range of different fertility-related topics as well and around 40 different clinics will be represented at the fair. You can find out more about the talks on the website. All the talks will be simultaneously translated into English, French and Italian.

The event will be taking place on 8 – 10 May at the Hotel Barceló Sants in Barcelona. Although the main focus is on the Saturday and Sunday, the fair opens to the public on the  afternoon of Friday 8 and will remain open until 8.30 pm. Entrance to the event is free, but you do need to download a ticket here –