Secondary infertility support

DownloadedFile-16One aspect of fertility problems which often gets overlooked is secondary infertility – that is when those who have already conceived successfully in the past either through treatment or naturally have problems getting pregnant again.

People experiencing secondary infertility often feel very guilty about the upset and hurt they go through when they can’t conceive as they are aware how fortunate they are to have a child – but secondary infertility brings very different challenges of its own. Fertility Network UK has a get-together for those experiencing secondary infertility in London on Saturday November 12th at 10.30am which is open to anyone who would like to attend. If you would like to go along, you can email the organiser at who will be able to give you the details of where to meet.

It’s a great opportunity to meet up with others who are experiencing similar difficulties and it can be surprisingly helpful just to be able to talk openly about this – so do go along if you can!

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