Unused IVF drugs

images-19If you’ve found yourself with some leftover IVF drugs after your treatment cycle, you may feel that you’d like to do something useful with them. Having spent such large sums of money on purchasing the drugs in the first place, it can seem a terrible shame for them not to be used.  If you’re going to have more treatment before the use-by date on the drugs, you should talk to your clinic about this as they will be able to advise you whether it would all right to keep them and if so how they should be stored.

You do sometimes come across people trying to sell their IVF drugs online, but this is illegal – and passing them on to someone else for their use is not permissable either. This is because some medicines are sensitive to things like heat, light or moisture which means they may not work as well if they haven’t been kept in ideal conditions. You may think your IVF drugs look fine, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK pass them on to someone else. Although you may feel sure your drugs are still in perfect condition, you have to think about it from the perspective of another patient who would be taking the risk of using second-hand medication.  The only thing you can do safely if you are sure you aren’t going to use your drugs, is to take the drugs back to the clinic.

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