Professor Sir Robert Edwards

It was so sad to hear the news that Professor Sir Robert Edwards, the IVF pioneer, had died yesterday.  He was a truly lovely man, who had done so much to change the lives of those of us who live with infertility.  It was his determination and hard work that led to the birth of the first IVF baby, Louise Brown, in 1978.

When he agreed to speak at National Infertility Day a few years ago, I was dispatched to interview him for Infertility Network UK.  I was nervous at the prospect of meeting someone whose work had changed my life so profoundly, but he was so charming and easy to talk to that my anxieties disappeared right away.  He genuinely cared about couples who were trying unsuccessfully to conceive in a way that is very rare among those who’ve had their own families without any trouble.

All of us who have experienced IVF have him to thank for the treatment that has given us hope – and many of us have him to thank for our families too.  You can read my tribute for The Guardian here 

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