Needle phobia and IVF

images-2One of many people’s biggest fears before they start fertility treatment is about injections and particularly the idea of being sent home with needles to inject themselves. If you don’t have any medical background it can seem an alarming prospect – especially if you think you have a bit of a needle phobia.

When we started IVF, we had a training session on an orange at the clinic, and were then sent home with instructions and our kit – and felt slightly terrified when it came to the time for the first injection that we were going to do something horribly wrong. I persuaded my husband to do the jabbing as I wasn’t sure I’d be able to face it, but in fact, the whole thing was much easier than I’d imagined.

A professional perspective

When I wrote The Complete Guide to IVF, I interviewed lots of clinic staff about the different stages of the process and the nurse I spoke to said that patients were often very surprised at how well they coped with the injecting as it was something that worried many of them in advance. She said that although some people insisted that they were phobic about needles when they arrived, she’d found that even they managed very well, and she said she felt the anticipation was worse than the actual injection. She said that she guaranteed that after their first injection, they would say it wasn’t nearly as bad as they’d expected.

So, if you are panicking about the injecting – try not to!  It may not be nearly as traumatic as you expect… (and just for information, the needles are far less worrying than the one in the picture above!)

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