Louise Brown’s book

If you’ve had IVF, you will have heard of Louise Brown – the first ever IVF baby – and you will also be interested in a new book which chronicles Louise’s life. I was hugely disappointed to have to miss the launch of Louise’s book, held at Bourn Hall, the clinic set up by IVF pioneers Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe – but am really looking forward to reading her story in this new book.

In the book, Louise reveals what it was like to be the object of such fascination and media interest from the moment of her birth – and the impact it has had on her and her family. What has always struck me as being so lovely about Louise is that she appears to have been so remarkably unspoilt by what happened to her, and now lives a very un-starry life as a mother of two naturally conceived children of her own. And that’s despite the fact that as a baby she had toured Japan, the USA, Canada and Ireland clocking up 29,425 air miles before she was six months old! International media interest in the story was so intense that journalists camped at the hospital and outside the the family homefor weeks on end and the birth was featured on front pages worldwide. Church leaders and politicians entered into debates about her birth.

You can buy Louise’s book and find out more about her remarkable story direct from the publisher Bristol Books here 

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