IVF and your mental health

ivf_science-300x168Most of what we hear about infertility and treatment would lead you to conclude that IVF would be linked to poor outcomes when it comes to mental health…

Well, here’s some slightly unusual research from Australia which looked at the mental health of people who have had fertility treatment and didn’t conceive, and concluded that those who had IVF have fewer mental health problems than those who opted for other treatments – which is a very good argument for proper fertility funding…

Why do women who’ve had IVF have better mental health?

The research team from Curtin University looked at hospital admissions for mental health problems, and women who’d opted for IVF were less likely to be admitted than those who had other fertility treatments. The researchers thought this might be because IVF was so challenging that only those who were quite emotionally robust would opt for it – and because women who chose to have IVF were likely to be more proactive and so would seek out help more quickly if they did have any mental health issues.  Another option they considered was that women who’d had IVF were able to think that they’d done all that they possibly could in order to try to realise their dreams and that this helped them to move on.

You can read more about the research here and here 

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