Don’t panic about ovarian cancer

DownloadedFile-1If you’d read the headlines today and you’ve had IVF, you may have felt very anxious. If you’d read the entire articles, you were probably far less worried…

The Telegraph for example, began by shouting that women who’d had IVF were a third more likely to develop ovarian cancer. The next paragraph admitted that this new data only “left open the possibility” that the increase could have anything to do with IVF at all and that the researchers themselves described it as a “small possibility” of a link.  It went on to add that a Cochrane review (which considers all the available research to date) just two years ago found no evidence of any increased risk after IVF.

Many experts in the field have called for ovarian cancer screening for women who’ve had fertility treatment because it does look as if there may be a link to ovarian cancer with some of the conditions which lead to fertility problems in the first place – and from that point of view, screening would be very welcome.

I was rung by a radio station about this story this morning and asked if I thought that in the light of this ‘increased risk’, which they described as ‘alarming’, women would still think it was worth the hassle of going through IVF… Well, would you? I don’t think it’s a question I really need to ask…

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