Changes to fertility rules in Sweden

During the coverage of the new guidance from NICE on fertility treatment here in the UK, I did an interview for Swedish television who were interested in what had happened as they were about to see changes in Sweden too.  I was surprised to learn from the reporter that they currently have regional variations in IVF availability in Sweden just as we do here, and that people sometimes travel from one region to another in order to access IVF.

I’ve just heard from them that the Swedish National Council for Medical Ethics has just announced their new report on assisted reproduction, which proposes that surrogacy should be allowed and that the age limit for IVF should be abandoned altogether with decisions based solely on a woman’s medical condition.

I’m really interested to find out more about this, and about how it is received – I can’t imagine such a decision would have been met with approval here given the fuss that some commentators made about raising the age limit for a small group of women up to the age of 42.  Apparently the full report from Sweden will be published here eventually – at the moment only a brief summary is available in English.   

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