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I never post about politics on this blog, but last night when I heard on the news the comments that Andrea Leadsom was alleged to have made about Theresa May’s childlessness I was horrified. When Leadsom claimed later that she hadn’t said these things and that it was gutter journalism at its worst, I wondered if maybe she had been misquoted. When I listened to the audio of the interview, sadly I found the way in which she talked about being a mother as if it gave her some sort of superiority even more upsetting than the written words. It was particularly unkind coming so soon after Theresa May had expressed her sadness at the fact that she had never had children.

So, perhaps this is not really about politics but about compassion and about how every one of the 3.5 million people in this country currently trying to conceive feels about being told they don’t have a stake in the future. I have heard from so many friends this morning who were never able to have children and who have got long past the age of trying, but who are deeply wounded by these words and who find it hard to comprehend that anyone could think expressing such a sentiment was acceptable.

For anyone who has been pained by this, please don’t forget that most of the response to Andrea Leadsom’s words has been shock and sadness. For every person who feels it is OK to say things like this, there are many dozens who think it’s appalling and who are feeling nothing but empathy and compassion for you today. I want to send love and hugs to you all xxx

2 thoughts on “Politics – warning!

  1. So glad you wrote this, Kate. I was outraged too when I read her remarks and assumed the story had been spun. The least worst verdict is that the comments themselves were utter thoughtlessness but the later furious denial makes it even worse. Stupid woman.

    • Thanks Dee – it is awful – and I am shocked that a woman could say something so horribly thoughtless and unkind. She must know people who are childless or who have struggled to conceive – and it’s the smugness in her voice which is so unappealing when she talks about it.

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