Infertility doesn’t just affect affluent white women…

I’ve just read a fascinating article from a US magazine based on some research and a book by a sociologist from the University of Delaware, Ann V Bell, about the fact that literature about infertility focuses almost entirely on affluent white women.

It’s absolutely true that all too often infertility is seen as something that mainly affects certain people in society – often those who can afford to pay for treatment if it’s not funded – and that the different ways it may impact on the lives of other groups of women are largely overlooked. Ann V Bell’s research sounds absolutely fascinating – and it’s high time that this issue was addressed.

She explains how women with less money simply don’t have the same options when it comes to treatment – or even to adoption – but this is rarely discussed or considered. She says – again true – that we have a stereotypical image that it’s richer career women who are most likely to have fertiity problems. I can’t wait to read her book, Misconception: Social Class and Infertility in America – you can read the article here

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