Free IVF cycles

Since 2009, the Lister Fertility Clinic has been offering a small number of free IVF cycles each year to try to help people who are unable to access NHS-funded fertility treatment. The cycles are offered in conjunction with the charity Fertility Network UK and there are some criteria for entering into the draw for the free cycles.

You have to be a UK resident under the age of 42, with a cause for your fertility problems. Your BMI must be in the normal range and you can’t have any children from your current relationship. You can’t have been sterilised in the past and you can’t have had a free cycle at the Lister before. There are also some restrictions on the type of treatment you can have, which can’t include egg donation.

You need to send your entry to Fertility Network UK – and you can find the details here


3 thoughts on “Free IVF cycles

  1. Hello ,
    My age is 31 years . i am married for 3 and a half years .i am suffering from inferility , because i was treated for B cell lymphoma through chemotherapy and radiotherapy although oophoropexy was done before my radiotherapy but still i suffered from premature ovarian failure .Here nhs did some tests for me and they told me that i am suffering from premature ovarian failure and i am not elligible for ivf because my AMH is very low that is about 0.1 .Furthermore , this current price for ivf is unaffordable for me . i just have found about free ivf on this website .Is there any possibility that i could be helped through this trust ??

  2. Thanks for your comment and I am really sorry to hear you have been having such a rough time. I don’t know whether you followed the link for more details about the free cycles, but it is not a trust, it’s a London clinic (the Lister) which was offering a number of free cycles to people who entered a draw run by Fertility Network UK. Unfortunately the deadline has now passed. I am sorry not to be able to offer more help.

    • Ohh !but kindly u could let me inn plz if there is any other upcoming offer especially if there is anything going on in liverpool , because i really need to find out things for me.Thank you soo much for your prompt reply .

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