Could your cholesterol levels affect your fertility?

New research from the States suggests that there may be a link between high cholesterol levels and fertility problems.  Researchers followed 500 couples who were trying to conceive but didn’t have existing fertility problems – and they found that when both partners had high levels of cholesterol, it took them longer to get pregnant.

They suggest that anyone trying to conceive should check out their cholesterol levels at the start – and that they could improve their chances of success by reducing levels if they are too high.

What isn’t clear from the reports I’ve read is whether diet itself could be as much a factor as the cholesterol. A high-fat diet can lead to higher cholesterol levels, so the couples with lower cholesterol levels are likely to be eating more healthily – but whatever the root cause of the findings, it does suggest that paying attention to what you eat can have an impact on your fertility.

The study was carried out by researchers from the National Institutes of Health, the University at Buffalo (New York), and Emory University in Atlanta and the findings were published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism – you can read more details about the research here 

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