Can you preserve your fertility?

images-7Is it really possible to preserve your fertility? I’ve read quite a lot of advice about this recently which suggests that taking action to preserve your fertility when you are young will ensure you’ll be able to have a baby in the future, but unfortunatly fertility is not really something that you can “preserve” in this way and no amount of healthy living or thinking can mend a damaged fallopian tube or prevent a premature menopause.


My issue with the idea of fertility preservation is the that it suggests that we have the power to control our fertility and that leads to the unhelpful assumption that we must be somehow to blame for our own infertility too. I’ve met so many people who believe that their infertility may have been caused by things they have or haven’t done and although it is true that unhealthy lifestyles can impact on fertility, it is also true that many obese smokers who don’t eat well still get pregnant without any difficulty.  Fertility problems are far more complex than we are led to believe by claims that eating more sprouts or drinking more pineapple juice will boost our chances of having a baby – they won’t if you have azoospermia or blocked fallopian tubes.

Of course, there are some things that can have a negative impact on fertility, and it is worth being aware of these if you want to have a baby in the future. Weight is often an issue as being very overweight or underweight can reduce your chances of getting pregnant – and so, maintaining a healthy weight will be beneficial.  Sexually transmitted infections can lead to fertility problems too, and making sure you don’t put yourself at risk can have an impact on your future fertility. Smoking and excessive drinking are also both linked to fertility problems, and are best avoided for your general health as well as your fertility.

Leading a healthy lifestyle will make you feel better and will ensure you aren’t reducing your chances of getting pregnant – but don’t forget that infertility is a medical problem and most of us are no more to blame for our difficulty in getting pregnant than we would be for any other medical condition.

2 thoughts on “Can you preserve your fertility?

  1. Well said Kate. So much guilt, blame and angst around fertility issues.

    May your blog go from strength to strength in 2014. Always informative and good to read. Happy New Year.

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