Beware of miracles…

I keep coming across press releases for a book called The Pregnancy Miracle by someone called Lisa Olson which claims to offer a miracle cure for infertility using a “clinically proven holistic and ancient Chinese proven system”.  Apparently this method is 100% guaranteed and can “reverse” infertility within four months without any drugs, side effects, surgery or expensive treatments.

There is nothing that can guarantee 100% success when it comes to infertility, but I know how tempting claims like this can be  when you are searching for answers to a fertility problem. I’ve come across mention of this book on fertility forums where patients are talking about the book as looking “impressive”,  and saying that they have got to the point where they are willing to give anything a go.  When someone posts a question about the book online, there are often remarkably similar-sounding responses from others about it. They all contain links to press releases which are just more fluff about how marvellous it is, even though some claim to be “reviews” which “investigate” the claims in the book. They even suggest the book comes with an offer of a full money-back refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Posters on forums who’ve fallen for this scam have found it hard to get their money back when, unsurprisingly, they find that they are not pregnant after reading the advice – which they say is mainly suggestions that you should go to an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine specialist.

The most recent press release I’ve had the misfortune to read seems to have been written by someone with a rather odd grasp of English – and it was the promise that not only can this miracle method guarantee a pregnancy but also a “stout” baby that was almost funny. Almost, because it’s really not at all funny to exploit people in this way


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