Bed rest and the two week wait

images-25It’s a question which has come up a few times in the last week or so – should you opt for total bed rest during the two week wait?

I completely understand the anxiety that leads some people to assume that taking to their beds for a fortnight is the best way to deal with the traumas of the two week wait, but in reality you are usually far better off being up and about and occupied than lying in bed worrying. Researchers have investigated this issue, and found that there is no evidence at all to back up ideas that lying down or resting after embryo transfer might increase your chances of success. I always think it’s helpful at this time to be at work if you can, or at least to be occupied, as it means there may be one or two moments during the day when your head is not entirely focused on whether or not you might be pregnant.

It is difficult because when treatment doesn’t work, we tend to blame ourselves and search back through what we did or didn’t do to look for a reason, for something we could change next time around. It is tempting to think it must be linked to the time you lifted up some shopping bags or ran for the bus without thinking, but there is really very little you could do to influence the outcome of treatment in this way – when it doesn’t work, it’s not your fault and has more to do with your age, the nature of your fertility problem, the treatment you receive and just plain luck than with anything you do yourself.

So, I don’t think bed rest is a good idea unless it has been specifically advised for some reason – most of us are far better off trying to lead a normal life. Of course, it makes sense to eat as healthily as you can, to avoid smoking, alcohol or too much caffeine and to keep taking your folic acid – eating¬†healthily and taking care of yourself will help you to feel better, and you will be doing all that you can to make a difference.


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