Free fertility advice

I wrote an article in The Guardian at the weekend about a new free fertility advice service Professor Lord Winston is setting up.  It’s due to be launched at the end of the week, and you will be able to send in any questions about fertility and treatment to Lord Winston for his response.  The service is completely free of charge, but you can offer a donation to the Genesis Research Trust, a charity which carries out women’s health research projects.

It’s a service which is bound to prove hugely popular as Lord Winston is one of our best-known fertility specialists due to his television appearances – and the prospect of free advice from a knowledgeable expert is going to be attractive to fertility patients in a world where so many people are making money from their distress.

Lord Winston has spoken out repeatedly about the commercialisation of the fertility industry which hasn’t made him flavour of the month with many other specialists in the field who will often tell you that he very sceptical about IVF in the early days.  This is entirely true, but doesn’t detract from the fact that he is seen by many patients as the trustworthy friendly face of fertility specialists.

If you want to send Lord Winston a question, the service should be up and running at by the end of the month.

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