Call for 16-25 year olds to fill in a survey

Do you know a 16-25 year old who might be willing to spend a few minutes (that is really all it takes) answering a survey for Infertility Network UK in exchange for the chance to win a £30 Amazon voucher? See info below – it’s a really important survey and we’d be hugely grateful if you can ask anyone you know of the right age to fill it in! The details are below.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 25, we’d like to ask you a few questions. They will take less than five minutes to answer and are about fertility. You don’t need to think about them for ages, just your instant response is great – and please don’t look anything up – we won’t know who has said what!
We are a charity that works to support people who are having difficulty starting families, and we want to help ensure that young people are fully informed about fertility in the future. To thank you for your time, if you let us have your email address we will enter you into our draw for a £30 Amazon voucher. Thank you!
Here is the link to the survey:

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