Why 45 definitely ISN’T the new 35 when it comes to fertility…

According to the Daily Mail, 45 is apparently the new 35 when it comes to fertility with more and more celebrities giving birth in their forties. The article in question makes it sound as if fertility treatment offers not just hope but pretty much certainty to anyone who decides to try to conceive in their forties as apparently “scientific advances” have made conception at 45 and even 50 perfectly possible. The fact that many celebrities achieve this by using donor eggs or surrogacy does get a mention, but it isn’t made clear that this would be the only way for most women of this age to get pregnant – apparently the only downside to any of this is cost.

The reality is that fertility treatment for anyone in their mid-forties using their own eggs has an extremely poor chance of success.  The article celebrates the fact that women who use donor eggs have just as good a chance of success as their younger counterparts, but most couples would want to think carefully before jumping ahead and using donor eggs or sperm as this isn’t something to be undertaken lightly.

The reality is that we are only half as fertile at 35 as we were at 25, and by the time we reach 45 our chances of having a child naturally – or with IVF – are very low and the risks of miscarriage are very high.  Yes, there are ways around this using donor eggs or surrogacy – but these are more complex and costly treatments that come with implications that need thinking through.

So no, 45 is NOT the new 35 as far as female fertility is concerned.  There may always be away for celebrities with limitless funds who are determined to have a child to find a way around their biological clocks, but even they can’t yet turn back time and rejuvenate their own eggs.

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