Who “deserves” fertility treatment?

News from the USA where in Maine, there are proposals to start instructing insurance companies that they should start paying out to cover fertility treatment. At the moment, the picture varies across the States when it comes to insurance and fertility – there are currently 13 states that require insurance to cover fertility treatment and this sounds like a good news story.  At least, until you  look at the small print where it specifies that only married couples will qualify and that anyone who has fertility problems as the result of a sexually-transmitted infection is exempt.

If you’ve ever thought some of the criteria that CCGs in England come up with were unfair – such as not offering treatment to couples where there is an existing child from a previous relationship no matter how old that child may be – this new proposal from Maine seems to go a good way further down the line of questionable decision-making.  Discriminating against people because they are either not married to one another, or because they’ve had an STI in the past is something we can be very grateful we don’t have here…

You can read more about the proposals in Maine here and more about the rules on insurance and treatment across the USA on the National Conference of State Legislatures site here 

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