Might Vale of York yet fund one cycle of IVF?

York has not been the place to have a fertility problem for many years, having funded no IVF treatment at all. Then, earlier this year, hopes were raised when Vale of York CCG announced that it would offer funding for one cycle of IVF.  Sadly, just a month later and before anyone had managed to benefit, the CCG said it had decided it couldn’t afford to do this after all, estimating the cost at £2 million to offer one cycle to an estimated 110 people (and explaining what other essential services they could provide with this much money). This rather baffling figure was more than four times the cost of IVF at most fertility clinics.

Now, Vale of York CCG is due to look at IVF funding again on Thursday and may change their minds once more on this policy having looked again at the cost.

Of course, anyone in York waiting for treatment will be delighted if they are finally able to access one cycle of treatment, but we shouldn’t forget that this is still not what NICE recommends that the CCG should be funding – three full cycles to those under 39 who are eligible. And we should perhaps take a moment to think about how this must feel for those people who have spent the last few months having their hopes raised and dashed because the CCG has not been able to come to a clear conclusion.

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