How old is too old for IVF?

In the light of recent coverage of older mothers, this story from the States is interesting – apparently a record has been set for the oldest woman ever to have successful IVF treatment using her own eggs who was 46.

What’s particularly interesting about it is that the woman herself had no idea that she was so unusual, having heard so many stories of women having children in their forties and even fifties. What she hadn’t realised was that older women who’d had successful fertility treatment hadn’t been using their own eggs – and she hadn’t appreciated how very rare it is for anyone to get pregnant with IVF once they are into their mid-forties.

I was at a talk recently where a fertility specialist explained to a group of women that no one over the age of 43 had ever had successful IVF without using donor eggs at their very successful clinic – and there was some amazement in the audience.

The woman in this case had been told that she had a very slim chance of treatment working at her age, and didn’t have an easy time once she was pregnant, spending more than two months of her pregnancy in hospital. She gave birth eight and a half weeks early to a tiny three pound baby.

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