Charged too much for unsuccessful fertility treatment?

Well, here’s an interesting story of a fertility specialist in India being accused of cheating after charging couples exorbitant prices for unsuccessful fertility treatment!  There’s obviously more to the story than it appears from the brief report, as the specialist is also being charged with endangering the life or personal safety of others.  However, as it’s reported here, it does rather sound as if you could call in the police should your clinic charge a lot for fertility treatment that didn’t work and the specialist refused to refund you… Hmmm….

I’m interested in the prices that clinics charge for IVF as they seem to have gone up hugely in recent years.  Of course, costs are always rising, but fertility treatment has become a commercial business which makes a lot of money.  There was a piece on You and Yours earlier this week asking why IVF costs so much presented by Kate Silverton, who’d had IVF herself before getting pregnant naturally.  Sadly, the piece didn’t draw any clear conclusions as to why patients are charged such large sums for fertility treatment and instead spent some time exploring how egg sharing or natural cycle IVF might help you cut costs, but if you’re interested, you can listen here

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