Black market fertility drugs

images-2A very sad story from the US about couples who are buying fertility drugs from unlicensed suppliers online in order to be able to pay for their treatment. Journalists in the States found that a wide range of fertility drugs were being offered for sale at cheap prices though online message boards. Sometimes people who have had treatment find that they have drugs left over, and it seems that some are opting to sell them online.

Although it can be cheaper to buy drugs this way, it really isn’t worth it. You don’t know who you are buying them from, you don’t know whether they have been properly kept and stored and you don’t even know if they really are the drugs that they claim to be. It is quite possible that the drugs won’t do what they are meant to – and so saving money this way could render all the rest of the money you’re spending on your treatment useless. What’s more, the US report makes it clear that you could also cause yourself medical problems.

A previous report here in the UK found a similar picture with fertility drugs being sold online and made it clear that it is illegal to sell them in this way. The drugs should only be sold at a registered pharmacy or under the supervision of a pharmacist. Don’t try to save money this way – it really isn’t worth it. Far better to shop around for the best legal option to buy as explained in this post.

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