Another egg freezing story

So, here’s another woman telling her egg freezing story publicly. This one, Joanna Krupa,  is apparently a celebrity (I’ve never heard of her, but I must admit that I’m not that up on celebrities!). She tells us that she’s been hearing egg freezing is currently “trendy” and is her “security blanket”. As she’s married, I’m not quite sure why she’s freezing eggs rather than embryos – perhaps that’s not as “trendy”…

What’s really worrying about stories like this is that women seem to have been sold the idea that freezing eggs is some kind of protection against future fertility problems, but having a stock of eggs doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything – they may not fertilise or implant.  There’s nothing wrong with egg freezing in itself, as long as women go into it understanding the limitations. The worry is that many will be disappointed in the future when they realise that the money they’ve spent can’t ensure that they will be able to delay having a family until they feel the time is right.

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