The latest fertility figures

The latest figures relating to fertility treatment in the UK have been released this morning by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and show a growing number of cycles of IVF with a total of more than 64,000 carried out in 2013.  The number of cycles of donor treatment have more than doubled in the last five years, and there has been an increase in the number of same-sex couples having treatment. Success rates have gone up very slightly, but the multiple birth rate from fertility treatment has fallen.

The majority of women having treatment are under 37, and the average age of fertility patients is 35.  The report shows that over a third of fertility treatment is carried out in London and the South East – and that in 2012, 2.2% of all babies born in the UK were conceived as a result of IVF.

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  1. What I find most fascinating is the number of cycles of double (egg and sperm) donation has increased hugely with the total for all ages in 2013 being 693, as against 474 the previous year. The age group where most double cycles were performed, 212, was 18 – 34. Most surprising and in my experience not accounted for by single women or lesbians, who tend to be older when contemplating donor conception.

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