Have you had or are you considering donor treatment?

Another day, another survey…  This one is being carried out by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and is aimed at anyone who has had donor treatment or is considering having donor treatment in the future. The HFEA wants to find out more about the sort of information you would like, were given, or would like to have been given, about donors.

Sometimes information can be limited, but you may get what is known as a pen portrait which is a description the donor has written about him or herself.  You may also get a message from the donor to any children who are born, which is called a goodwill message.

The HFEA is keen to find out why not all clinics are currently making this sort of information available to people who have donor treatment and so this patient survey aims to get an idea of your experiences and views.  Please do help with this if you have a spare five minutes as it will help others – you can find the survey here 

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