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eggA number of people I’ve spoken to recently have been told that there are no donor eggs available here in the UK because of the change to the law about anonymity some years ago. This is simply not true. There has actually been an increase in the number of egg donors, and there are clinics here in the UK which can provide donor eggs without long waits and delays. If you need to use donor eggs and would prefer a UK donor, it is always worth ringing around a few fertility clinics and enquiring about this if there are no donors available at the clinic you’re attending.

The change to the law on anonymity was made because it was agreed here in the UK that this was in the best interests of those born using donor eggs and sperm. Whether someone who is donor-conceived wants to find out about their genetic parent is entirely up to them, but this change meant that they would have the opportunity to do so if they chose to. The change in regulation has not led to a reduction in the number of egg and sperm donors, but there are some clinics which have donors and others which don’t – so it’s always a good idea to check all your options before making a decision.

2 thoughts on “Availability of donor eggs

  1. I despair at the pervasiveness of this myth about shortages of donor eggs in the UK. I think there can be no doubt that some clinics are deliberately misleading people.

  2. For many years, know how you feel or felt! My wife and I struggled with countless failed attempts to get pregnant. After countless IVF treatments…we ran the full spectrum of the fertility treatment vocabulary, from IVF to ICSI to egg donation and beyond. Our quest took us from Nicosia to Tlblisi to Kiev to Tel Aviv and beyond. One thing we never gave up was hope and the will that some day it will happen. With help from modern medical science and a lot of help from the Big Guy upstairs…10 years later, we were blessed with our Little Prince who is now 1 year old! Yes our finances were more than stretched thin and we put off other priorities but it’s well worth it!

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