Why don’t you go to fertility groups?

images-2Over the past few weeks, I’ve facilitated a couple of the many dozens of get-togethers that the charity Infertility Network UK runs across the country for couples with fertility problems. Watching the way that people respond to one another in the groups, and the huge relief that they feel discovering others who genuinely understand and feel exactly the same way makes it a hugely worthwhile and rewarding process – but it always makes me feel sad that so few people are reaping the benefits.

The most people we’ve ever had to one of our London support groups is around 25, and yet we know that one in seven of the population will have difficulty conceiving – and so there are many thousands of people in the capital alone who could be helped by coming along to a group.  I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – and I’d never have thought it was mine – but even those who start out sceptical often find that there’s a great deal to be gained from a face-to-face meeting with others.

If you’re feeling a bit isolated, do think about the idea of meeting up with others. I know it can be daunting to come along for the first time, but meetings aren’t miserable occasions, they aren’t formal or alarming – it’s just a chance to get together with others who know exactly how it feels, and there’s nothing to be lost by giving it a try.

5 thoughts on “Why don’t you go to fertility groups?

  1. I had my implant out almost 3 weeks ago and being doing ovulation test and they re all coming back negative and am trying to comceieve. I am late for my period and have had symptoms if early pregnancy and I have done a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I have been on folio acid …
    Am I ovulating? Could I be pregnant? I don’t know

  2. I was a member of one which at the time of treatments was a god send .support groups have there value and place .. That was many years ago at the start of my infertility journey, sadly I never had a live birth I along with 2 others from our group we’re the only ones out of 30 odd women that never had a child, so now I don’t want to go to a new group as much as I need support as for me it’s more of the Same stuff I’ve heard a thousand time over and it doesn’t change the position I am personally in, does anyone ever really think about the ones that never ever have children and have to cope with permanent childlessness??? And what about having groups for people like me that have stopped trying for whatever reason….

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