Why can’t more people think this way?

In Canada, they’ve just been marking their annual Infertility Awareness Week, and there is an interesting article here written by a male journalist, Matt Gurney. He didn’t have any problems conceiving his own child, but writes about recognising that some of his remarks in the past may have caused distress to those who do experience difficulty conceiving.

It’s a shame more people don’t think this way – all too often, we’re told that infertility isn’t an illness but a lifestyle choice, that it’s not going to kill us so we should get on with life and forget about it – in fact, there’s often a suggestion that if we could just stop thinking about it for a while, we’d probably get pregnant right away…

It’s really heartening to see someone who doesn’t have a problem themselves taking on board the way it may feel for others.  It can sometimes start to seem rather “them and us” when it comes to infertility, and if only more people were able to show the empathy Matt Gurney exudes in his article, it would go some way to ease the social difficulties people with fertility problems often face.

Matt Gurney closes his piece apologetically, saying that his contribution to the Infertility Awareness Week isn’t much – but I think it’s far greater than he could ever know.

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