Support groups and clinic open evenings

I’ve just updated the list of clinic open evenings, support groups and events on Fertility Matters, so if you’re trying to decide where to have treatment or want to find out more about what might be on offer at different clinics, do take a look.

It’s really worth going to open evenings at a few clinics if you have a choice locally, as it not only gives you insights into whether a particular clinic might be right for you but can also be a great source of information about fertility problems and treatments. There will usually be staff on hand who you can talk to and who will be able to answer any questions you have. I think you can get quite a good feel for a clinic at an open evening – and that does help if you’re trying to decide which clinic you want to attend.

I know not everyone likes the idea of a support group. I was talking to Natalie at The Fertlity Podcast about this recently as sometimes there is an idea that support groups might be depressing – and having a fertility problem is depressing enough without making things worse – but actually I think they can be surprisingly uplifting. When you get together with others who are going through similar experiences it can be empowering in a way that talking online will never be. The groups I’ve been to have beeb positive and supportive, and often end up in laughter – which isn’t what you might expect. So I’d say, why not give one a try? It might not be what you expect – you can find the list of groups on the Events page!

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  1. We agree entirely with your comments about the importance of Clinic open evenings and would be very grateful if you could draw attention to our forthcoming event-
    The Hull IVF Unit invites all couples and individuals who would like to find out more about fertility issues to attend our patient information evening at the Country Park Inn, Hessle HU13 0HB on Tuesday 4th November 2014 between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Tel:01482 382648

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