Royal baby news survival tips

royal crown OK, so it has started – the media frenzy, the camera crews at the hospital – the news is full of Royal baby excitement, and for anyone trying unsuccessfully to conceive, it’s not going to be an easy few days as this is going to dominate the news agenda.

Switch off the TV

I think the best policy is to try to avoid the television and radio news for the next 48 hours as there is going to be endless discussion about little else. It can be surprisingly refreshing to avoid the news for a few days anyway (says the former TV journalist…) and gives you half an hour you didn’t know you had in the day for something else whether it’s household tasks you have been avoiding for weeks or a walk around the park

A present just for you

If you’ve been wondering whether you could really justify a pedicure, a massage or that new dress you keep looking at, now is the time to spoil yourself. Think about something you could do or buy that would give you a bit of a boost, and treat yourself to a present. Sometimes when you’re very focused on fertility, especially if you are saving for treatment, you forget that we all need some nice things in our lives. What those things are will be different for each of us, but think of something you’d really like and go and do it

Time for one another

This won’t just be hard for you, it will be hard for your partner too so it’s a good opportunity to do something together. Go out for the day, or even better have a last-minute weekend away. Go and see a film, have supper out or even spend a nice evening in (with the TV and radio off) making time to cook a special meal. Whatever you do, make time to be together.

Of course, with saturation coverage of this story, it is unrealistic to think you are going to be able to get away from it altogether – but if you do as much as you can to make things better for yourselves, it really will help.

Feeling jealous is normal 

It isn’t unkind or miserable to wonder why the Royal couple seem to be able to conceive so easily when you can’t, it isn’t mean to feel jealous and you aren’t a horrible person if you find yourself feeling this way. You really don’t need to feel guilty about what is a perfectly normal reaction to being saturated in Royal baby news.

Take care – and most importantly remember that although it will be hard to imagine during the next few days, at some point the Royal baby stories will fade away. Fortunately with the election coming up, there is other news that needs to be told and soon we will be focused once again on the latest political goings on.

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