Royal announcements

This is always a difficult time of year when you’re trying unsuccessfully to conceive, but this particular run-up to Christmas has also brought the announcement of the Royal Pregnancy  which led to pages of newspapers being full of every last detail about morning sickness and pregnancy symptoms.  We learnt that apparently the Royal couple had been on a “fertility diet” for some months which involved eating a lot of brussels sprouts.  If only it were that simple…

If you are finding the festive season hard going, don’t feel obliged to do things that are going to make you feel miserable just because it’s Christmas.  You don’t have to attend parties with friends who spend all their time talking about their children, you don’t have to go to extended family gatherings where there will be babies – it’s perfectly legitimate to decide you’d rather spend Christmas together and go out on a long walk or not get up all day and watch TV in bed. If you can find your own way of enjoying Christmas, then go for it.

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