Last weeks for the counselling survey

I know I have been going on about the Infertility Network UK and British Infertility Counselling Association survey, but please do fill it in if you haven’t already.  It’s such an important issue, as it will enable us to see how counselling provision is working in the UK at the moment, and what is going on across the country. We want to know more about how people are told about fertility counselling and how easy it is for them to access. The more people who spend a few minutes completing the survey, the wider a picture we will have of what is working and what isn’t – and of the issues we need to address.

You don’t need to have experience of seeing a counsellor to fill in the survey -you just need to have been to a UK fertility clnic. It will be online for just another couple of weeks, so please do help us if you can by filling it in.

Here’s the link

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