Have you had IVF/ICSI or donor treatment at a UK fertility clinic?

120px-GeneticcounselingIf you’re currently going through IVF/ICSI or donor treatment – or if you’ve had IVF/ICSI or donor treatment – and you went to a UK fertility clinic for this treatment, you could help the charity Infertility Network UK with a survey aimed at finding out more about the level of emotional support people receive from their clinics and what they are told about the counselling service.

It will only take a few minutes to complete the survey – and there is space to leave any comments you may have about this and the end of the questionnaire. It would be incredibly helpful if you could do this as the more people who are willing to complete it, the better a picture we will have of the provision across the UK and the more meaningful the results will be.  You can find the survey here – please be reassured that it is totally anonymous.

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