Happy New Year

120px-HNY-funkyThe start of a new year can be difficult when you’re trying to get pregnant as it can feel like a reminder of another year when you haven’t achieved your goal, but it’s important to try to look ahead to the future rather than dwelling on the past.

This is a good time to think of the positives – you may be having trouble getting pregnant, but you may want a baby because you are in a happy relationship, have a successful career, a beautiful home, a loving family and good friends.

Why not look to the year ahead as an opportunity for a fresh start, whether that’s aiming for a healthier lifestyle, taking regular exercise, getting enough sleep and eating well. This can help you to feel better and may also have a positive impact on your fertility. And remember, it’s not just your physical health that matters, but also your emotional health. Fertility problems are rough, and you will need help along the way. You might want to help your emotional wellbeing by resolving to see a counsellor in the new year or to join a support network or local fertility support group so that you can share experiences with others who really understand.

It isn’t easy to be positive in the face of fertility problems, but why not resolve to be kinder to yourself in 2016 – and make it a year when you take care of yourself emotionally and physically and try to find time for the things you enjoy in life.


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