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I’ve written before about the people who sometimes post on fertility chat rooms claiming to be patients who have wonderful success stories from particular clinics. Of course, many people do this genuinely but some are clearly not real patients. It is hugely disappointing that anyone working in this field and seeing the misery that fertility problems can cause would think it might be acceptable to promote their clinics by pretending to be patients, but apparently some do.

This morning I got up to find dozens of comments posted on Fertility Matters from people with a variety of names and with different email addresses, all claiming to have received the same treatment which had resulted in dozens of miracle births against the odds. They were incredibly detailed stories that someone must have spent a considerable amount of time concocting. I deleted the whole lot immediately, but it made me sad that anyone might feel this was a sales method they wanted to use to attract patients.

I hope the fake posts put people off the clinics and professionals who resort to it as it’s often pretty apparent what is going on. There was a fabulous spoof on one of the fertility websites a while ago from someone who had got thoroughly fed up with the endless fake people claiming to have visited a particular clinic – and it’s calling it out like this that helps everyone to see it for what it is.

Make sure you report any dodgy posts you come across online and let’s help to ensure anyone who uses this horrible kind of promotion finds it backfires.

5 thoughts on “Fake posts

  1. Glad you have written about this Kate. I often see what are very likely to be fake posts on fertility forums and feel disgusted that anyone could take advantage of the vulnerability of people desperately seeking to start a family.

    Do note my new email address.

    • Thanks Olivia. I can never understand how anyone thinks it is OK to pretend to be a patient and to engage in online conversations with other people who are seeking support for their fertility problems. Most of the time it just gives them a bad reputation with patients who can usually see through it, but it is very disappointing that people who are apparently offering services to fertility patients are so entirely lacking in empathy and understanding.

  2. Yes I have the same issue, Kate, with people even going back to very old blog posts I have written to post nonsense – have recently changed my settings do that I now have to approve all comments before they are published.

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