Don’t be afraid to be confident

My thought for today is about being confident!  All too often fertility patients feel anxious about asking too many questions at fertility clinics, or about pushing for what they want or need.  If you were spending thousands of pounds on pretty much anything else, you’d never feel you couldn’t make sure you were getting the service you felt you’d paid for – but with fertility treatment, all too often we feel we shouldn’t be making demands.

When I did the interviews for The Complete Guide to IVF and The Complete Guide to Female Fertility, it was something I came across time and time again.  Feisty, confident women who admitted that they felt they’d been reduced to timid mice when they were in the consulting room and who didn’t feel able to argue their corner if things didn’t go according to plan.  I know I used to worry that if I annoyed the staff at the clinic by being pushy or asking too many annoying questions, that might affect the outcome of my treatment – and having talked to other people about this,it’s not unusual.

So my message for today is be confident and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions or to query things that don’t seem right to you.  Each cycle of fertility treatment is precious and carries so many hopes and dreams that you don’t want to get it right.  Most often, the things that people worry about asking are issues that can easily be sorted out.

You are investing a huge amount emotionally in your treatment – and all too often financially too – and understanding what’s happening will help you feel in control.  Unanswered questions or niggling worries will only make your treatment more difficult emotionally – so never be afraid to ask!


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