Do you get your fertility support online?

I had a really interesting morning speaking at the eyeforpharma Patient Summit Europe this morning with Angel Gonzalez from Ideogoras in Spain – all about fertility and how fertility patients are using social media. One of the difficult things about infertility has always been the lingering stigma that somehow never quite goes away no matter how much more open we are today, and the idea of being able to discuss fertility problems with others incognito online can be particularly attractive to fertility patients. Whether you choose to post in an online forum, to join a chat room or to tweet, there are now so many ways of finding other people who are in the same position and going through the same things without having to brave meeting them face to face. It is sometimes easier to be open and honest about things when you are anonymous – but really supportive friendships are built in online communities – and they do become genuine communities where people can share experiences and support one another.

I think social media can be hugely helpful, but my one caveat – and I’d be happy to be corrected on this – is that maybe it makes it harder to ever escape from fertility when you’re trying unsuccessfully to conceive with a Twitter feed full of fertility hashtags coming into your phone 24 hours a day… but maybe that’s just me showing my age!  Your views are welcome…

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