Discussion group on moving on after unsuccessful fertility treatment

If you have had unsuccessful fertility treatment and are in the process of moving on after this, you might be interested in a discussion group being organised by Louise Hesselvik who is training to be a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire.

Louise is researching how women who have had fertility treatment are able to move on when treatment has not been successful. If you have tried fertility treatment in the past but have decided to stop treatment, and if you do not have any biological children, Louise would be very interested to speak with about participating in this group.

She will be holding a small focus group to present my research so far, and to get your thoughts and perspective on this at Conway Hall, London on February 2nd at 6:45pm- 8:15pm. By participating in this study you will contribute to a better understanding of the factors which help women coping with unsuccessful fertility treatments and those who are involuntarily childless. Her aim is to use this research to help to guide health professional in how best to support women in this situation.

If you might be interested in participating, you can email Louise at l.hesselvik@herts.ac.uk and she can give you more details and answer any questions.

One thought on “Discussion group on moving on after unsuccessful fertility treatment

  1. Dear team,
    For many years I battled with excruciating pain (endometriosis) and held on to the desire to fall pregnant. I had many miscarriages and some fertility treatments.
    Whilst on my journey, I kept looking for realistic, engaging, intelligent, unsentimental, non-happy-ending fiction on the subject. I never found it.

    Being a writer already, I decided to fictionalise my own story. I now live a contented pain free childless life in an idyllic place by the sea (St Ives, Cornwall) with my husband Pat and my dog Carlos.
    I am looking for appropriate channels on which to share my novel and I wonder if you could help me, I’d be delighted to send you a free copy.

    ‘Flow’ by is out now out on Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon worldwide. It is not just a story about pain and loss; it’s a tale of resilience, survival and friendship. I believe many women might identify with some of the story lines and perhaps find solace in reading it. Will you let me know what you think?
    Kind regards,

    Lief Achten


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