Clinic Open Evenings

For anyone wondering where best to go for fertility treatment, perhaps the most important piece of advice is to go and have a look at some of your options before making a decision. All too often, people assume that they should look at success rates as the only indicator when it comes to choosing a clinic, but actually liking the place and feeling comfortable there is very important too.

More and more clinics now operate regular open days or open evenings and they’re often very popular, so you may need to book in advance. Going to visit a clinic and talking to the staff is by fat the best way to work out whether you’d like to have treatment there – and it can also be an excellent opportunity to have a chat with someone about your individual situation and why the clinic might be right for you.

Looking at success rates is useful, and talking to other people can help too – but remember that this is about you and what suits you. Do ring around clinics you’re interested in and see if you can go along and visit as you may find it really pays off.

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