For anyone who is trying to conceive

If you are experiencing fertility problems and feeling lonely and isolated, I am sure you will find this video will resonate with you. The video is part of Fertility Network UK’s #HiddenFaces campaign for National Fertility Awareness Week and has been generating a lot of positive responses from people who know what it’s like to live with fertility problems. It was made by Jessica Hepburn, who is a trustee of the charity and an author – she writes a blog called after her book – The Pursuit of Motherhood – which is also worth looking at.

Jessica is an amazing woman who has swum the Channel to raise funds for Fertility Network UK and she is the brains behind the wonderful Fertility Fest which some of you may have been fortunate enough to attend in London or Birmingham earlier this year.

Thank you Jessica on behalf of everyone who knows what it is like not to be able to conceive, thank you for talking about something so personal and difficult, thank you for your courage and warmth and for all you do to raise awareness of something so many people find too difficult to talk about x

A book for you to read…

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After reading dozens of fertility books over the years, I’ve realised how hard it is to get a memoir about treatment right and to tell your own story in a way that other people will actually want to read, but Jessica Hepburn has managed it brilliantly in her book The Pursuit of Motherhood.

Jessica’s story is not an easy one – a seven year journey through a number of fertility clinics offering different variations on IVF/ICSI with early miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy – but that doesn’t make it a gloomy or depressing read. Jessica’s light touch, her honesty about her feelings and her openness about the way her fertility problems impact on her life make her book a compelling read which will resonate with anyone who has personal experience of infertility. What I did find depressing was the total lack of empathy she sometimes experienced from staff working in fertility clinics – and I can see I will be using some of her examples when I speak at a training day for fertility specialists later this year…

The Pursuit of Motherhood is more than just one woman’s journey through treatment though, it’s also an informative book. Jessica has experience of a range of clinics offering everything from immune therapy with “Mr T” to natural cycle IVF, and provides fascinating insights from the patient’s view of the different approaches. Whether you’re at the start of your journey or in the middle of treatment, I think you’ll find something for you in Jessica’s book.